La Vita è un Sogno

dwell in possibility

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Our trip to Ventotene, a teeny island off the coast of a small town called Formia, which is kinda between Rome and Naples. The island was secluded, empty, peaceful, and breathtakingly beautiful.. we really didn’t want to leave! The pictures barely give a good sense of the trip, and I don’t have the vocabulary to explain how magical that place was. It was truly the best way I could spend my last 4 days in Italy, and I am so thankful I got to spend those days in such a beautiful place with the person I am madly in love with! Greatest vacation I’ve had by far.

Last night and last morning in Florence! Lindsey and I got up at 6 to pack up the rest of our things, have a slow Italian breakfast, and watch the rising sun slowly light up the city. Departed via train with all my belongings from one year, said goodbye to Lindz, and was on my way to Ventotene with Tommy! Pictures to come…

Quick post on being home

Hello hello. I’m HOME! I’m HOME… it’s weird, great, beautiful, exciting, stressful, overwhelming, exhausting (mainly jet-lag still), and a million other contradicting feelings. I want to write more about it when I have time, but the purpose of this post was to say that it’s great but bittersweet to be home. I miss Italy already, but seeing my family and friends and the most wonderful city in the world has been a great reward. 

Thank you for all your welcoming messages! The transition is a lot to handle, so thanks for the support and welcomes! 

I’ll write more soon. Ciao for now! xo Amy

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